Leetronics is the parent company of “Water-gate.biz”.

A unique system that allows you to reduce damage to your home in the event of a water leak.

Simple to install, Watergate monitors the water usage in your home and automatically shuts off the mains supply if continual or excess amounts of water are monitored within your home.

Home owners can select the maximum amount of water they would normally use at one time and with the guidelines provided (based on the number or residents and bathrooms/kitchens in your home), are able to set the maximum amount of water that is allowed through the system before Mains supply is automatically shut off.

Benefits of the system also include “holiday mode” which allows the home owner to allow only minimal water flow (i.e filling up of header tank) in their home whilst they are on holiday so that they have complete peace of mind whilst they are away.

Watergate also allows you to turn off the water manually from an electronic switch, rather than your stopcock, which may be difficult to locate and turn. The elderly, disabled and any conscientious homeowner can take advantage of this function to enable easy control of water within their home/business.

Watergate has many uses in domestic, business and industrial situations, and we are able to produce bespoke customised units - tailored to any situation that requires elements of flood protection or water monitoring.

If you have a requirement for a standard or customised unit, please contact us on (07977965181), or email contact@leetronics.com and we'll be happy to discuss your individual requirements and specifications.

Watergate is simple to install for any home owner with a standard level of DIY knowledge and full installation instructions are provided with each unit. We can also provide installation at a minimum cost.

Your Watergate unit is fully guaranteed and supported by Leetronics Ltd.